The Houses of the Russians

The Houses of the Russians, an album-length work, was released yesterday (happy birthday to me…) on the excellent net label Conv, operated by Miguel A Tolosa. Composed last year, it consists of field recordings, manipulated in live improvisations using Max/MSP. It can either be downloaded or streamed from the Conv site and has printable artwork in pdf format. [2021 update: the release is now available to download free from]

These are the liner notes:

The Houses of the Russians was composed during 2004 entirely of locally recorded field recordings manipulated using Max/MSP on a PowerBook G4. Each of the pieces is a live improvisation, without overdubs or further post-recording sound processing. Like the eponymous dwellings, the six segments of this work are deliberately unnatural and out of place; they exist as nebulous entities, storm clouds born of confusion – ‘Their houses are supposed to be unlucky, and no one goes near them.’
Miehen on mela Kädessä, Jumala venettä viepi.

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