Disused, front cover Disused, back cover
I’m delighted to say that the first available recording for some considerable time by Alistair Crosbie and me, a set entitled Disused, will be available on Alistair’s excellent Lefthand Pressings imprint on Friday 5 October 2007.

The material for this hour-long disc of dual monochromatic, time-slurring pieces was originally recorded here in Edinburgh in 2006 and remained, to all intents and purposes, completed for a long while. We decided to return to it earlier this year and the two tracks have now been reworked, reperformed and revived. My warmest thanks to Alistair for releasing this, and with such beautiful photographs (each disc has a different print attached to the cover).

Volcanic Tongue had this to say of the disc:
New limited two-part drone tunnel from these two Scottish avant heads, with Lavelle being a one-time collaborator with Richard Youngs and Crosbie best known for his emotionally-charged solo work and his collaboration with Opaque, Nackt Insecten et al. This collaboration conjures distant fuzzy Industrial-primitive whorls of metal sonorities and wind-scorched drones in a way that sounds a little like the whole David Jackman/Organum approach to improvised scrape and klang.
So there you are.

In other news, Alistair and I have also agreed to work on a retrospective set of our myriad recordings as Inversion. There are hours and hours of forgotten and rather startling material in the vaults, so a multi-disc release is planned. More news on this as and when work commences.

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