Well, I’ve decided it was about time I posted some pointless verbiage on the internet  or, at least more pointless verbiage than on my music site (  That’s not to say there won’t be any musical discussion on this blog, but it will be confined more to what I might currently be listening to, what I’m enjoying and so on.  I’ve no doubt that some thoughts about my own work will creep in, somewhere, and that my usual nihilistic view on what I’ve recorded will surface.  So, if that hasn’t put you off, please read on!

Jill and I are still looking for somewhere to get married.  Today, we saw a beautiful venue in the heart of Edinburgh, the Mansfield Traquair, which was rather impressive.

The Mansfield Traquair

It styles itself as Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel and your eyes are certainly drawn upwards on entering the place.  We’ve still a few places to see; let’s see what happens. 

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