Torrente Resco

I’m delighted to report that I’ve just released today (on Dust, Unsettled) a long field recording of mine recorded in Italy last year. This is the fourth release on the label, after two very limited private discs: The Extraordinary Silence of Winter and Alessandri’s Dream.

Torrente Resco, the front cover

This single recording is entitled Torrente Resco and lasts for almost 70 minutes. It’s a continuous field recording piece, captured using binaural techniques in the afternoon sunshine on 18 June 2007 from a hammock by the river Resco, between the towns of Canova and Pian di Scò in the Valdarno region of Italy. I edited this here in Edinburgh on 7 July 2007 but, apart from some minor equalization and gain, the recording is unprocessed. It’s probably best heard with decent headphones. For those who are used to my electronic recordings, please note this is purely field recording-based.

Write to me if you’re interested in getting hold of a copy.

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