First FED-2 photographs

Here are my first efforts with this camera. The film is Ilford Delta 400 and these are scanned from prints, which were developed locally. They’re straight scans, without any processing or cleaning.

I’m not sure I like the tints which the developing process has added to some, although not all, of the five I’ve posted here. I’ll need to investigate developing at home!

There were quite a few of the photographs I wasn’t happy with; I certainly need more practice with the camera, but these five at least confirmed my FED-2 seems to work well enough and the FED 50 lens is clear. More soon.

4 thoughts on “First FED-2 photographs

  1. Nice…

    It seems that the fed lens doesn’t flare quite as much as the bigger lenses. Which is a bonus, though I have a feeling normal A or P Cokin filters won’t fit on it, which isn’t.

    Since I’m not absolutely sure my rangefinder is correct I haven’t shot any “closer” shots like your last one without lots of depth of field, say at f/8 at least. It looks rather nice, I’ll have to give it a try sometime… I wonder what kind of background blur f/3.5 can give πŸ™‚

    Anyway nice shots. I’ve just developed some orthochromatic film (ADOX ortho) I shot a few days ago, very thin negatives but so far one or two have made very nice prints.



  2. I absolutely love the second-to-last one (Dean Bridge, from the Dean Gardens). It has the look of something out of Akira Kurosawa, with mystery and foreboding captured in the lighting alone.


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