The two faces of…

Excellent online experimental music review Wonderful Wooden Reasons has a great little review of The Petrified Forest in its latest online edition:

There are two Brian Lavelles. There’s the Brian Lavelle that creates mature and mannered ambient compositions that slowly reveal themselves like a flower unfolding to greet the sun. Then there’s the Brian Lavelle that creates head mangling, massively psychedelic, cosmic drones. I like the first Lavelle but his music has a tendency to become just a little too nice for my palette. I love the second Lavelle! When he fires that tone at you there’s no escape. You’re along for the ride and the ride is always good.
Well, I’m happy to report that this 2 track, 20 minute set is definitely from the latter and it’s cracking stuff. The amorphous bloops and swoops mean it’s just sci-fi sounding enough to make my inner geek giggle with delight and it’s soaring fluid composition is ‘out there’ enough to make my outer space-cadet groan with psychedelic ecstasy.
A fine recording from an artist working at the top of his game.

Thank you Ian!

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