Review of ‘Avalonian’

I was greeted this morning by this lovely little review of Avalonian from Terrascope Online. The comparison to Fripp & Eno’s seminal album (No Pussyfooting) is high praise indeed and really made me smile!

Entering ‘The Red and The White’, the first track on Scottish musician Brian Lavelle’s new release ‘Avalonian’ summons the force of early Tangerine Dream even though Brian’s music is much more filled with spacey details. Anyone familiar with Brian knows that he for about 20 years has released a huge amount of albums, solo or in collaboration (as with Richard Young) a lot of it constructed by layers of drones and processed field recordings. Over the layers of drones on the first track we hear vocals performed by…. processed bird song (I guess, but you’ll never know with Brian’s treatments) – and it’s brilliant. The drones are dark and beautiful and the bird singing is perfect. Following the 20 minute opener is the 26 minute closer, ‘Star Temple of Avalon’, the second epic of the album. Yet another spacey drone, flavoured with keyboards which is bringing it into psychedelic ambient spheres. After a couple of minutes a distorted guitar follows and soon also a repetitive bass pattern. Then the piece converts into dark free floating textures which brings to mind Fripp & Eno’s ‘Swastika Girls’, minus Bob. Brian Lavelle’s ‘Avalonian’ is very close to a masterpiece and I’m not at all surprised it’s released on the always über-interesting Apollolaan Recordings, strictly limited to 60 copies with a beautiful hand-printed cover.

Although the physical release is long gone, you can download it in lossless format on my bandcamp page, along with some other goodies.

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