Magdalena, my first LP, will be released on Tuesday 27 July 2010, all thanks to my wonderful friend Kyle Wright of Diophantine Discs. The album is pressed on green marbled vinyl and packaged in an offset and letterpress printed jacket with a large colour photograph mounted to the cover. There are 300 copies of the LP and it’s dedicated to my beautiful niece, Megan, with love.

I will post some photographs of the finished article when I have those.

The cover photograph is of the 19th century bandstand in the Königin Astridpark in Bruges, a town that, for a number of reasons, will always be very close to my heart.

When Kyle and I first talked about me doing this LP, I suggested that an electric guitar album would be a curious notion, not in any way because that’s a particularly original idea, but because so little of my more recent work has been solely guitar-derived. I thought, perhaps naively, that I could get ‘back to basics’ but I realise now that that’s rarely possible and the eccentricities of the album betray the original concept. The LP does, however, only feature electric guitar and effects, so the original brief was fulfilled.

In fashioning Magdalena, I was forced to think, for the first time in more than 15 years, about two parts of a greater whole—the dual sides of an LP—and the recording process adapted itself accordingly: there are shorter opening and closing pieces to the record, with the second track on the first side, and the first track on the second side, being the album’s main pieces.

I can’t thank Kyle enough for all he’s done to make this album a reality. The work he’s put into getting this out there has been monumental, matched only by his patience, with a higher than usual number of test pressings and his tireless efforts in relation to the cover printing process. The look and presentation of the album are all due to his efforts; I have to take responsibility for the music contained in the record’s grooves. Suffice to say it’s an intensely personal album for me and I hope it stands up to scrutiny.

Let me know if you’re interested in getting a copy from me, as I’ll have copies soon. Anyone in North America and further afield than the UK and central Europe should contact the label and order from there. And while you’re there pick of some more of the amazing releases Kyle has put out on his superb imprint.

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