Two Ostensions

I’m really delighted to say that today sees the release of Two Ostensions, my first cassette release in 12 years. It’s available in an edition of only 50 copies from Hooker Vision, one of my favourite labels operating anywhere at the moment.

The label is run by Grant and Rachel Evans, who are also, respectively, Nova Scotian Arms and Motion Sickness of Time Travel, and (together) Quiet Evenings. They are, quite simply, a force to be reckoned with and their friendship and enthusiasm are infectious, being in large part responsible for my own enthusiam for the cassette medium again.

Not only is this is a great looking tape, with colour collage artwork by Grant, but there’s an ultra-limited edition of only 10 copies housed in a hand sewn corduroy pouch inside a black leatherette photo box, along with a signed, numbered, and matted two colour etching by Grant

To say I’m very happy about this release would be an understatement. Thanks to Grant and Rachel again for all their hard work on this.

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