A wonderful review of ‘Magdalena’

I was delighted to see this 10 out of 10 review for my Magdalena LP on my return home this evening, through the ice and snow. It appeared today on the Foxy Digitalis site:

Brian Lavelle gets his feet wet in ooey-gooey wax for the first time. And it is appropriately my first introduction to this refreshing artist as well. Let me just begin by saying that Lavelle’s level of skill and inherent passion to create something of such beauty revives all the awe in me that was first beset in me upon my earliest initiations into the world of soundscapery. I remember back a few years ago when I delightfully heard the enchanting drones of Peter Wright, Steven R. Smith, and Fabio Orsi. Everything was so new and exciting. I never knew such art existed. Well, Lavelle has helped rekindle that spark of pleasure with these world-class drones. His processed guitar mantras remind me a lot of Peter Wright. Lavelle, like Wright, is able to develop a compelling aesthetic of shimmering and calming yet powerfully captivating splendor. These have an incredibly organic feel and they’re very easy to internalize and make a part of you. It’s as if when you cease from your labors for just a moment and concentrate solely on the heavenly aura emitted from your speakers you almost forget that it’s not the spirit of blood flow or of respiration. Absolutely natural, biologically adaptable drone.
All four tracks of “Magdalena,” two on each side, are each just as equally pleasurable. “Proem” [5:09]; “‘I did not go inside’” [9:18]; “‘I have not come home’” [11:18]; and “Coda” [3:25] are each exquisite foci of contemplation that are as welcome as the air we breathe and the love we feel. And the LP sleeve is a really nice piece of art in itself. It’s a pure, raw cardboard design with a very lightly hinted, implicit depiction of the cover photograph. But the real, vivid full color photograph is as irresistible to the eye as the toy inside a cereal box is to a 3-year-old. Gorgeous silver lettering is elegantly scripted. This is unfortunately limited to only 300 copies, pressed on green marbled vinyl. So, join me in a reminder of why we got into drone in the first place. Let these tracks give you a much-needed life enhancement. Lavelle is more than able to satisfy.
Diophantine Discs

Thanks to Dave Miller for this lovely write-up. The LP is available from Diophantine on the link above.

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