The door to the year, & constancy

We’re only half way through January and already 2011 is shaping up to be a very busy and intriguing musical year for me. Here are the highlights, some of which are more definite than others.

• The new Fougou album, Further from the Centre of Disturbance, to be released soon on Greengage Sounds. Matthew and I also have another, ‘acoustic’ Fougou album, The Boleigh Working, ready for release, with new recordings planned for the fairly near future.

• A tape of short and melancholic synthesizer pieces for the Overland Shark label run from Kansas by Andrew Heuback. Almost finished, this is provisionally titled Suburban Electrification.

• One side of an hour long split tape with Grant Evans’ project Nova Scotian Arms for the Tranquility Tapes label.

• An album, on CDR and as yet untitled, for Susan MatthewsSiren Wire Editions label.

• An album, on tape and again so far untitled, for a new label operated by Jen Marquart and Cory E. Card from Rochester, NY, //cae-sur-a//.

• A new collaborative project with Eddie Keenan of The Driftwood Manor, provisionally called The Powder Tower.

• Further recordings with Alistair Crosbie and Andrew Paine as Space Weather; and I hope further recordings with both of them for collaborative projects.

And there are bound to be other things I’ve forgotten. More on all of these soon, I hope.

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