Happy new year!

Firstly, a happy new year to everyone. I’ve decided to create a more manageable mailing list and you can subscribe from the link on the right hand side. The messages on this list will be fairly infrequent and should supplement the material on this site. Equally, not everything on here will make its way onto the mailing list, or at least not immediately.

I’m planning on there being a lot more music from me in 2014. I’m currently working on a long-form piece, Sew the Blue Sail, which should be finished shortly. This will be released as a limited CD and download on Dust, Unsettled, and I’m currently exploring options for the packaging. More on that soon.

Finally, I’m hoping there will be releases from other artists on Dust, Unsettled this year too. I’m not accepting demos at the moment, but expect some more news on future releases soon. I’ve set up a separate mailing list for the label here. There are quite a few on my own mailing list who aren’t on the DU list, so please feel free to sign up to both.

All the best for 2014!

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