Happy new year

This morning, as the year turned, I too turned and returned to West Shore Road. It greeted me like an old friend, casting its sun on turbid waters.

Everywhere, small reminders of emptiness and calm. Long shadows proliferate.

The gasholder glared, an eye of silence in the haze.

Happy new year, everyone. I hope 2022 is a safe and creative year, full of kindness and quiet moments, for all of you out there.

2 thoughts on “Happy new year

  1. Happy new year for you, dear Brian Lavelle! I saved your interesting mails in my accountbox, thank you! Sorry, I only have one item by you in my collection: MY HANDS ARE TEN KNIVES, which is really superb dadaism, the hardest style to produce. I heard it several times, but my archive is really huge and so I “forget” it for a while. I´m a fan of AGNES OBEL, who is now on DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON. Maybe you like my keyboard-improvisations on soundcloud (Andreas Egerland) – very best wishes from Germany, Andreas


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