I’m a sound artist, writer and wanderer, born in 1972 and living in Edinburgh. I’ve been recording electronic, experimental, strange musics for close to three decades.

I run the Edinburgh Drift project, am half of Blind Roads Press with Murdo Eason of the Fife Psychogeographical Collective and half of Seacliff Press with Mark Valentine.

I’ve been recording experimental music since 1990, incorporating acoustic and electric instruments, electronics, layers of textural sound, field recordings and other things which interest me. Over the piece, my work has become less abrasive, and more expansive in scope and duration. I particularly love quiet music and my own recordings have become quieter and more minimalistic in the last few years.

Between 2000 and 2003 I curated the techNOH online label, one of the first of its kind, with over 30 releases of cutting-edge experimental electronic music available for free download. I ran the Dust, Unsettled label from 2006 until 2016, releasing my own work and that of others.

In addition to my solo work, I’ve worked with a number of others over the last 20 years. Caroline McKenzie and I operated for many years as Inversion, an electronic call-it-what-you-will duo, which recorded excessively but sadly released very little. A multi-disc retrospective (The Inversion Tapes) has been at the planning stages for some time. One day we’ll complete it…

I worked with Caroline and Andrew Paine in the trio Space Weather. Two albums of cosmic explorations were released, as well as a little EP.

I am also part of the duo Fougou with Matthew Shaw.

Last but certainly not least, I worked with Richard Youngs on the Radios series, a ten album run of conceptual releases, each focused on a particular set of sound sources, processes and the notion of chiasmus. Eight of these have been released so far; with the ninth recorded and in the vaults…

You can find me on Twitter.