Released today, Distants is a collection of compilation tracks, online pieces (self-released and released by others) and some other oddities. There’s one very short unreleased track, which comes from the same sessions as Suburban Electrification. There are 28 pieces across more than 120 minutes, and there’s a lot of variety in tone and texture—something for everyone, perhaps? I’ve set the release as “pay what you … Continue reading Distants

A new recording – endecade

I’ve uploaded a long—a very long—field recording piece today, endecade. At 200 minutes’ duration, this is the longest single release I’ve created. Click on the image below to go to the download page. It’s a largely quiet and unassuming recording made in a suburban back garden somewhere in Edinburgh in the last few hours of the last decade. The punctuation points are revelry and fireworks, … Continue reading A new recording – endecade


Easter seems an appropriate time for the resurrection of this site. For several years now, I’ve used the brianlavelle.org domain name to point at my Bandcamp pages for digital and physical music releases (those are still here, of course). But my plan is to start posting material more frequently, particularly since the Edinburgh Drift project has been up and running for more than a year … Continue reading Renewal