My hands are ten knives

Ian Holloway’s eclectic label, Quiet World, will be publishing my first release of 2013 over the next few weeks. Entitled My hands are ten knives, this is a single 30 minute piece that’s perhaps my most minimalist composition to date.

My hands are ten knives, front cover

The album comes in an edition of 50 copies, with a colour sleeve and a signed and numbered card. Copies should be available from me direct here, or from the label, Quiet World.

My hands are ten knives, back cover

In other news, a new cassette 56 Revealings will be published this year on //cae-sur-a//. More on that one soon.

The Night Ocean

I neglected to mention earlier that this lengthy recording was released for free download on Dust, Unsettled back in August. [2021 update: now available here]

The Night Ocean is probably the most sparse, minimalistic composition I’ve created. It features a PDF of the short story by Lovecraft and Barlow which inspired it.

Happy belated birthday to me.

Fougou – Further from the Centre of Disturbance

It’s with great pleasure that I’m able to announce that the second full-length album by Fougou, the duo of Matthew Shaw and me, has been released on Greengage Sounds. The label is run by our friends HK and Nan out of Houston, TX.

The album is truly Further from the Centre of Disturbance.

Fougou - Further from the Centre of Disturbance

You can stream the entirety of the album here – and of course purchase from that same link.

There were only 64 copies made – all beautifully hand-done by HK and Nan, with printed insert, handmade sleeves with a photographic print on the outer, and as each copy represents a unique hexagram of the I Ching, each one includes a small, vintage I Ching card.

An apology

Suburban Electrification

With some sadness, I learned yesterday that Suburban Electrification is not going to be released as originally intended. To those of you who bought it from the label, I’m grateful, but I’m also sorry to disappoint you. I understand refunds will be given.

For others who were keen to hear the album, I’ve taken the decision to make it available for free download. There’s an explanation of the genesis of the album on the SoundCloud page. For reasons I won’t go into, it was quite a difficult decision to make this available now. Perhaps it’s my pop album. Perhaps.