Fougou – The Boleigh Working

Lit faintly by candlelight and by whatever remaining daylight could penetrate the opening, we recorded the various sections of The Boleigh Working live within the depths of Boleigh fogou itself. Ankle deep in mud and cold water, we played and listened as the fogou listened and played with us. The structure seemed to be alive, even if it was hard to forget that Boleigh means ‘the place of slaughter’.


The listener might hear odd noises in this recording which neither of us was responsible for producing: strange subterranean knockings and unexplained whirrings and whinings. It’s for the best, no doubt, that the voice of the woman (if that’s what she was) we both were convinced we’d heard down there, in the dark and the damp, whose spectral whispering caused the hairs on the back of our necks to stand up, wasn’t captured in any recognisable sense by the recording equipment.

So, be warned: this is Fougou ‘unplugged’, without effects or processing of any description; without even the comforting spark of mains electricity to light our way. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed the immersive experience of the invocation.

You can download the album here.

Fougou – Further from the Centre of Disturbance

It’s with great pleasure that I’m able to announce that the second full-length album by Fougou, the duo of Matthew Shaw and me, has been released on Greengage Sounds. The label is run by our friends HK and Nan out of Houston, TX.

The album is truly Further from the Centre of Disturbance.

Fougou - Further from the Centre of Disturbance

You can stream the entirety of the album here – and of course purchase from that same link.

There were only 64 copies made – all beautifully hand-done by HK and Nan, with printed insert, handmade sleeves with a photographic print on the outer, and as each copy represents a unique hexagram of the I Ching, each one includes a small, vintage I Ching card.

The door to the year, & constancy

We’re only half way through January and already 2011 is shaping up to be a very busy and intriguing musical year for me. Here are the highlights, some of which are more definite than others.

• The new Fougou album, Further from the Centre of Disturbance, to be released soon on Greengage Sounds. Matthew and I also have another, ‘acoustic’ Fougou album, The Boleigh Working, ready for release, with new recordings planned for the fairly near future.

• A tape of short and melancholic synthesizer pieces for the Overland Shark label run from Kansas by Andrew Heuback. Almost finished, this is provisionally titled Suburban Electrification.

• One side of an hour long split tape with Grant Evans’ project Nova Scotian Arms for the Tranquility Tapes label.

• An album, on CDR and as yet untitled, for Susan MatthewsSiren Wire Editions label.

• An album, on tape and again so far untitled, for a new label operated by Jen Marquart and Cory E. Card from Rochester, NY, //cae-sur-a//.

• A new collaborative project with Eddie Keenan of The Driftwood Manor, provisionally called The Powder Tower.

• Further recordings with Alistair Crosbie and Andrew Paine as Space Weather; and I hope further recordings with both of them for collaborative projects.

And there are bound to be other things I’ve forgotten. More on all of these soon, I hope.