Psammomancy booklet & CD


Fine sand is poured from a pouch,
trickled onto a tray or table,
fingertips are used to find figures,
tracing, erasing, effacing, shaping . . .

The mysterious art of sand reading explored in text by Mark Valentine and music by Brian Lavelle, with black and white photography by Jo Valentine.


This collaborative project is published in February 2018 by Seacliff Press, a small press Mark and I have established. There’s a Twitter account here for occasional news items.

Professionally printed 16 page booklet with professionally duplicated CD. Limited to 120 numbered copies, of which 100 only are for sale. The cost is £8 plus postage (UK £1.50  ·  Europe £4.00  ·  Rest of World £5.00). Please click the appropriate button under your location below.

UK  ·  Psammomancy booklet & CD  ·  £9.50

Psammomancy booklet & CD - UK

Europe  ·  Psammomancy booklet & CD  ·  £12.00

Psammomancy booklet & CD - Europe

Rest of World  ·  Psammomancy booklet & CD  ·  £13.00

Psammomancy booklet & CD - Rest of World

Psammomancy is also available from Mark direct: contact markl [dot] valentine [at] btinternet [dot] com, removing spaces and replacing the words in brackets with characters.
(Note, the fifth character is the letter ell not the number one.)

Alternatively, I’m happy to accept payment by cheque in the UK. Get in touch if you’d like to pay that way.

Alternatively alternatively, click here to order on Bandcamp (at a slightly higher price, I’m afraid, to take into account the additional Bandcamp fees).