Fougou – The Boleigh Working

Lit faintly by candlelight and by whatever remaining daylight could penetrate the opening, we recorded the various sections of The Boleigh Working live within the depths of Boleigh fogou itself. Ankle deep in mud and cold water, we played and listened as the fogou listened and played with us. The structure seemed to be alive, even if it was hard to forget that Boleigh means … Continue reading Fougou – The Boleigh Working


I’ve released a new, longform piece today for free download, or pay what you want, if you’re so inclined. It’s entitled Prelapsarian and you can get it here. This is a mediation on the lumbering, sneering bulk of Time; and on forgotten places, occluded spaces, in days past I choose to recall as more innocent. It is for Jill, with love. The piece was recorded … Continue reading Prelapsarian

56 Revealings; and a curiosity from the vaults

Available from today, and for free, gratis, whatever, if you so choose, is a new work 56 Revealings which was destined for release on cassette but the label ceased operations. The two events are surely unconnected. Anyway, here’s 50 new minutes of music from me across two sides of abstraction. I hope you enjoy it. Separately, I thought I would resurrect some old material and … Continue reading 56 Revealings; and a curiosity from the vaults

A birthday celebration: Keys to / Gates of

I posted a little piece of music for a very significant birthday yesterday of my great friend, Andrew Paine, one of the most amazing, inspirational people I know. Although I made just a single physical edition of this for him, for those who want to hear the piece, which is called Keys to / Gates of, it’s free to download from this link. Let me … Continue reading A birthday celebration: Keys to / Gates of