900 Years

Thanks to Brad Rose, you can now stream the opening track from my forthcoming tape album Amulets on Digitalis Limited.

Amulets will be in what is apparently the last batch of tapes from Digitalis, to be released very soon. An end of an era, perhaps, but one in which I’m proud to have been involved. Here’s the composite image of the eight sleeves of this last batch. Mine is bottom right.
Last Digitalis batch

Empty Transmissions

My great friend Andrew Paine is releasing a new tape of mine Empty Transmissions as part of his ever-eclectic Sonic Oyster roster. It will be released on 29 August.

There are just 50 copies of this, in wraparound paper sleeves, and I’m told that there are only 8 or so of these left from the label. You can pre-order it here. I will have a few myself in due course but if you’re interested I’d get in touch with Mr Paine soon.

Empty Transmissions is – nominally, at least – the first part of a continuing space opera project entitled Binary Light. Stay tuned for the next instalment…