茶 A Quiet Song download
[Self-released, UK 2020]

Distants download
[Self-released, UK 2020]

endecade download
[Self-released, UK 2020]


Psammomancy book & CD
[Seacliff Press, UK 2018]


Rune-filled Eyes download
[Self-released, UK 2016]


A Diagram and Pattern of Subtle Air download
[Self-released, UK 2015]


Prelapsarian download
[Self-released, UK 2014]


56 Revealings download
[Self-released, UK 2013]

Rotting Pentameter download
[Self-released, UK 2013]

My hands are ten knives CDR
[Quiet World, UK 2013]

Keys to/Gates of download
[Self-released, UK 2013]


The Night Ocean download
[Dust, Unsettled, UK 2012]

Further from the Centre of Disturbance CDR by Fougou
[Greengage Sounds, USA 2012]

Suburban Electrification download
[Self-released, UK 2012]

Amulets cassette
[Digitalis Limited , USA 2012]


Empty Transmissions cassette
[Sonic Oyster Cassettes, UK 2011]

Hyperboreans CDR
[Siren Wire Editions, UK 2011]

Estuarial split tape with Nova Scotian Arms
[Tranquility Tapes, USA 2011]


The Weather’s Maiden 3″CDR by Space Weather
[Apollolaan Recordings, UK 2010]

Two Ostensions tape
[Hooker Vision, USA 2010]

Atlantis (for John Michell) CDR by Fougou
[Sonic Oyster, UK 2010]

Magdalena LP
[Diophantine Discs, USA 2010]

Reversed Dreams of this Nature CDR by Fougou
[Ikuisuus Records, Finland 2010]

Lambent CDR
[Sonic Oyster Recordings, UK 2010]

Low Earth CDR by Space Weather
[Space Weather Recordings, UK 2010]

Avalonian CDR
[Apollolaan Recordings, UK 2010]


Space Weather CDR by Space Weather
[Space Weather Recordings, UK 2009]


Ustrina CDR
[Afe Records, Italy 2008]

Supernaturalist CD
[EE Tapes, Belgium 2008]

The Petrified Forest 3″ CDR
[taâlem , France 2008]

Torrente Resco CDR
[Dust, Unsettled, UK 2008]

Alessandri’s Dream CDR
[Dust, Unsettled, UK 2008]


The Extraordinary Silence of Winter CDR
[Dust, Unsettled, UK 2007]

Fallen are the Domes of Green Amber CD
[Diophantine Discs, USA 2007]

Disused CDR (with Alistair Crosbie)
[Lefthand Pressings, UK 2007]


M.V. (Towers Conning) mp3
[Alg-a netlabel, 2006]

Just a Song at Twilight CDR
[Dust, Unsettled, UK 2006]


The Houses of the Russians mp3
[CONV netlabel 2005]

Hygieia Variations mp3
[Earlabs netlabel 2005]

2001 – 1996

Untitled tape
[Fencing Flatworm Recordings, UK 2001]

I Can Glimpse Already CDR
[Private release, 2001]

A Stuffed Crocodile 3″ CDR
[Afe Records, Italy 2001]

Radios 8 CDR (with Richard Youngs)
[Bake Records, The Netherlands 2000]

Radios 7 CDR (with Richard Youngs)
[Bake Records, The Netherlands 2000]

Radios 6 CDR (with Richard Youngs)
[Bake Records, The Netherlands 2000]

How To Construct A Time Machine CDR
[Bake Records, The Netherlands 2000]

fault/r CDR
[Microwave Recordings, The Netherlands 2000]

The Sound Of A Passing Car Is Not A Word tape
[Freedom From, USA 1998]

Towers Cooling tape
[All Kinds Of Things It Seems Upset The Apple Cart, UK 1997]

Radios 345 3CD (with Richard Youngs)
[Freek Records, UK 1997]

Merge, Mesh and Render tape
[Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, UK 1997]

Agitur tape
[Audiofile Tapes, USA 1997]

Radios 2 CD (with Richard Youngs)
[Freek Records, UK 1996]

Radios CD (with Richard Youngs)
[Freek Records, UK 1996]

One Day in Golden Week tape
[Audiofile Tapes, USA 1996]

For full details of all of my releases, please see my page at Discogs.