Brian Lavelle | Scottish writer & musician

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Wavecrash One download
Self-released, UK 2023


茶 A Quiet Song download
Self-released, UK 2020

Distants download
Self-released, UK 2020

endecade download
Self-released, UK 2020


Psammomancy book and CD - see also the page here
Seacliff Press, UK 2018


Sullen Charybdis, the Blue of Scarabs CD accompanying the book Language of Objects
Blind Roads Press, UK 2017


Rune-filled Eyes download
Self-released, UK 2016


A Diagram and Pattern of Subtle Air download
Self-released, UK 2015


Prelapsarian download
Self-released, UK 2014


56 Revealings download
Self-released, UK 2013

Rotting Pentameter download
Self-released, UK 2013

My hands are ten knives CDR
Quiet World, UK 2013

Keys to/Gates of download
Self-released, UK 2013


The Night Ocean download
Dust, Unsettled, UK 2012

Further from the Centre of Disturbance CDR by Fougou
Greengage Sounds, USA 2012

Suburban Electrification download
Self-released, UK 2012

Amulets cassette
Digitalis Limited, USA 2012


Empty Transmissions cassette
Sonic Oyster Cassettes, UK 2011

Hyperboreans CDR
Siren Wire Editions, UK 2011

Estuarial split tape with Nova Scotian Arms
Tranquility Tapes, USA 2011


The Weather's Maiden 3"CDR by Space Weather
Apollolaan Recordings, UK 2010

Two Ostensions tape
Hooker Vision, USA 2010

Atlantis (for John Michell 3" CDR by Fougou
Sonic Oyster, UK 2010

Magdalena LP
Diophantine Discs, USA 2010

Reversed Dreams of this Nature CDR by Fougou
Ikuisuus Records, Finland 2010

Lambent CDR
Sonic Oyster Recordings, UK 2010

Low Earth CDR by Space Weather
Space Weather Recordings, UK 2010

Avalonian CDR
Apollolaan Recordings, UK 2010


Space Weather CDR by Space Weather
Space Weather Recordings, UK 2009


Ustrina CDR
Afe Records, Italy 2008

Supernaturalist CD
EE Tapes, Belgium 2008

The Petrified Forest 3" CDR
taâlem, France 2008

Torrente Resco CDR
Dust, Unsettled, UK 2008

Alessandri's Dream CDR
Dust, Unsettled, UK 2008


The Extraordinary Silence of Winter CDR
Dust, Unsettled, UK 2007

Fallen are the Domes of Green Amber CD
Diophantine Discs, USA 2007

Disused CDR (with Alistair Crosbie)
Lefthand Pressings, UK 2007


M.V. (Towers Conning) online release
Alg-a netlabel, 2006

Just a Song at Twilight CDR
Dust, Unsettled, UK 2006


The Houses of the Russians online release
CONV netlabel 2005

Hygieia Variations online release
Earlabs netlabel 2005

2001 back to 1996

Untitled tape
Fencing Flatworm Recordings, UK 2001

I Can Glimpse Already CDR
Private release, 2001

A Stuffed Crocodile 3" CDR
Afe Records, Italy 2001

Radios 8 CDR (with Richard Youngs)
Bake Records, The Netherlands 2000

Radios 7 CDR (with Richard Youngs)
Bake Records, The Netherlands 2000

Radios 6 CDR (with Richard Youngs)
Bake Records, The Netherlands 2000

How To Construct A Time Machine CDR
Bake Records, The Netherlands 2000

fault/r CDR
Microwave Recordings, The Netherlands 2000

Chime Ampersand tape in handpainted wooden box by Inversion
Scatter, UK 1998

The Sound Of A Passing Car Is Not A Word tape
Freedom From, USA 1998

Towers Cooling tape
All Kinds Of Things It Seems Upset The Apple Cart, UK 1997

Radios 345 3CD (with Richard Youngs)
Freek Records, UK 1997

Merge, Mesh and Render tape
Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, UK 1997

Agitur tape
Audiofile Tapes, USA 1997

Radios 2 CD (with Richard Youngs)
Freek Records, UK 1996

Radios CD (with Richard Youngs)
Freek Records, UK 1996

One Day in Golden Week tape (with Emil Hagstrom)
Audiofile Tapes, USA 1996

For full details of all of my releases, please see my page at Discogs.