Brian Lavelle | Scottish writer & sound artist

Nine scenes from a diminutive notebook, January 2017

Wintering the storm:
it unfurls so silently as she sleeps alone.


Insinuation. The pathway twists toward her,
and disappointment.


A boy on a bike, its stablisers removed;
his dad runs behind.


The frostbitten path,
angularity of ice, shades and shards
like glass.


Outside, the robin rings the twigs
and starts a round of feathered pinball.


Enter the water
and swim, swim into the blue.
You cross a border.


A heron stood there, statuesque
by the roadside.
Slategrey sentinel.


The cemetery stones standing
in granite lines:
vigilant of loam.


A distant thunder, roiling, brooding, gathering
at the edge of the skyline.


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